Noémie L. Côté

Collection: Noémie L. Côté

Noémie is a Canadian landscape artist who uses bold colours, lush textured oils, and painterly strokes to capture the essence of a scene and encourage the viewer to participate by filling in the details. Her paintings connect people to nature and enhance their overall well-being. Noémie's love of nature began when she was young and travelled to Africa. She was inspired by the colours, landscapes, people, and wildlife of southern Africa. When she returned to Canada, she fell in love with the ever-changing seasons, vibrant colours, and stillness of snowy scenes. Noémie entered and graduated with honours from the fine arts program at Canterbury High School, and later transformed her creative sense into a career in graphic design. She continues to paint landscapes from her home studio and takes art classes at Concordia University and workshops with renowned Canadian landscape artists.