Michelle Paradis

Collection: Michelle Paradis

Michelle Paradis is an award-winning seascape artist currently living in
Quebec, near Montreal. The 3 years she spent living in Vancouver was the
trigger to start her creative journey. She fell in love with the ocean while her
short stay on the West Coast and carried her inspiration back out East,
where she also travelled in Eastern Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia,
and recently to Newfoundland for an artist residency right by the Atlantic
Ocean. She is now known for her stunning depictions of light on water and
the ethereal beauty of the ocean in her breathtakingly grand seascapes.
She is a master at depicting the light, transparency and movement of water
which she achieves by using both wet-on-wet and glazing techniques with
traditional oils. Through her coast-to-coast inspired art, she loves to convey
a feeling of peacefulness, with soft natural light that envelops the viewer and
makes them feel that they are right there in the scene, experiencing both
the softness and the power of the ocean.
Her work can be found in galleries in Canada and in private collections
across North America.