Janet K. MacKay

Collection: Janet K. MacKay

Like most artists, Janet has been intrigued by art since early childhood. Growing up in Ottawa, Canada, she spent every spare moment drawing on any scrap of paper she could find and visiting the National Gallery. After earning a Fine Arts degree specializing in painting and sculpture from McMaster University, Janet continued her education and pursued a career in graphic and industrial design. In these careers, her artistic background stood her in good stead and eventually led her back to her vocation as a painter and a sculptor. Presently, along with with partner in love and in art, Janet works out of Worldview Studio and Gallery of Fine Art, originally located in Ottawa and now moved to Sharbot Lake, ON

Janet’s canvases reflect the world around her—a world of water, light and beauty. Her goal is to capture and convey her appreciation of that world to viewers through her paintings,  Her work is colourful, vibrant and has been likened to that of the Group of Seven, yet is distinctively her own. There is no doubt that Janet’s art is very Canadian in both style and subject.