Rob Scott

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Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 
Robert Charles Bruce Scott has followed his lifelong passion for art. Rob focused on art studies throughout his high school years and spent two years studying a wide variety of art forms and techniques at Ontario College of Art (now OCAD). Shifting to business, Rob put his artistic skills to work while practicing marketing and business communications for several large Canadian and global organizations for almost 40 years. During this time, Rob continued to paint and draw for his personal enjoyment, while also completing numerous freelance art projects for business clients - logo design, letterheads, presentation illustrations, branding and meeting themes. At the beginning of 2019, Rob shifted to full-time artist, naming his creative studio Charles Bruce Art. The subject matter of Rob’s art is focused largely on landscapes and various still life images, as well as neon signs, old buildings and interesting urban settings. Preferred art media are painting in oil and pencil drawing in both graphite and colour. Today, Rob lives in Mississauga, a suburb of Toronto, where he continues to explore new art themes and ideas.