Denise Lini

Collection: Denise Lini

Denise Lini's artistic journey showcases a distinctive style marked by abstract, dynamic floral designs. Her works, characterized by loose strokes that suggest petals and foliage, feature a symphony of drips, splatters, and textured paint, embodying movement and emotion. Central to her art is a fascination with nature, with each flower depicting a unique narrative of color and motion.

Her creative process begins with a photograph taken during her strolls, which she transforms in her Oakville, ON studio. The final artworks, often large-scale, appear strikingly different from their original inspirations, with bold florals that seem to spill off the canvas, engulfing the viewer in their magnificence.

Art for Denise is a spiritual journey and a profession, a means to leave a lasting, positive imprint. Coming to painting later in life, she believes her work uplifts and endures, a belief underscored by her awards including a First Place Juror's Award at the Oakville Art Society's 2019 Jury Show and a second-place at the 42nd 2022 BMFA Foundation Arts Juried Art Show. Her pieces have been featured in numerous local shows and juried exhibitions, affirming her place in the contemporary art scene.

Denise states, "Painting makes me feel alive and able to leave something positive of myself on this Earth."